list of the highest-paying countries for graphic designers

Here is a list of the highest-paying countries for graphic designers.

•  New Zealand
Average Salary: $49,306

The demand of graphic designers in New Zealand is on the rise as there are increasing opportunities in a plethora of industries. From creating impactful designs for businesses to websites and branding, graphic designers play a crucial role in visual communication.

Recently, graphic designer Kristy Campbell who is the founder of Pink Pony Creative, has been super popular owing to the power of social media to revolutionize business branding in New Zealand. With over 300 businesses under her belt since 2020, she leverages platforms like TikTok and Instagram to showcase her design process and has, thus, attracted 257,000 TikTok and 22,000 Instagram followers.

•  Singapore
Average Salary: $49,732

Singapore has a vibrant creative industry with a highly stable economy that provides ample opportunities to showcase your artistic flair and contribute to innovative projects. As a graphic designer, you’ll be at the forefront of shaping brands while crafting visually appealing content, and enhancing user experiences. Singapore’s strategic location as a global business hub means exposure to diverse clientele and international collaborations that can help enrich your portfolio and network.



United Kingdom
Average Salary: $49,959

To become a graphic designer in the UK, one can pursue a degree in graphic design or a related field, such as communication design or illustration. Alternatively, one can also opt for online courses to learn essential skills like Adobe software proficiency. Apprenticeship opportunities are also largely available that provide hands-on experience. However, building a strong portfolio and developing expertise in design software like Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop are key steps towards a successful graphic design career in the UK. It is also known as the best country for graphic design jobs.




• . Finland
Average Salary: $52,873

In Finland, while the market predominantly emphasizes senior roles, entry-level graphic design positions can be scarce. To overcome this, aspiring graphic or web designers should enhance their skills through online UX courses, build a compelling portfolio with detailed case studies, and seek feedback from rejection emails to improve. Networking is crucial in Helsinki’s tight-knit community, where referrals play a key role. However, despite these challenges, there is not denying that Finland is one of the highest paying countries for graphic designers.




• . Japan
Average Salary: $54,721

Graphic designing in Japan poses both opportunities and challenges owing to the language barriers. To overcome them, individuals can enroll in language schools like Coto Japanese Academy, which offer intensive courses. Networking plays a crucial role for finding even part-time and freelance jobs that often demand proficiency in both English and Japanese. However, if there are no language barriers, Japan can undoubtedly be the best country for graphic designers.




• . United Arab Emirates
Average Salary: $54,071

While a degree isn’t mandatory, having formal graphic design education improves odds of landing a job in the UAE. Employers often value qualifications, experience, portfolio, and practical skills. Thus, if you showcase creativity, technical expertise, and design understanding in your portfolio, you can drastically increase your chances of getting a job in graphic designing.





•  Ireland
Average Salary: $55,045

Ireland offers a plethora of courses for aspiring designers. Institutions like Dublin Institute of Design, St. John’s Central College, and Technological University Dublin provide training in illustration, typography, branding, and digital media. Graduates can pursue roles like illustrator, printmaker, web designer, and multimedia developer in a wide range of industries. Apart from being one of the highest paying countries for graphic designers, Ireland is also

one of the highest paying countries for dentists.

• . Netherlands
Average Salary: $57,442

Graphic Design programs in the Netherlands provide a strong focus on experimental ideation and conceptual research processes. The curriculum allows students to explore their individual aspirations and ambitions in emerging fields and critical practices. Taught by highly respected, multidisciplinary tutors, graphic designing courses have state-of-the-art facilities and well-equipped workshops. Amsterdam is one of the best cities for graphic designers.



Average Salary: $58,083

Graphic designing in Norway presents a dynamic field where creativity merges with technology. Designers craft captivating visuals for logos, websites, and illustrations. It is however important to be proficient in software and communication. While freelancing opportunities in Norway offers independence, meeting deadlines and client expectations can be demanding. Norway is also one of the highest paying countries for neurosurgeons.



Average Salary: $58,225

Australia is a country with a high demand for graphic designers. However, formal education, like a Diploma of Graphic Design or a Bachelor of Design, is often required to start a career in graphic design in Australia.

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